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Plan. Run. Enjoy.

Plan your route and follow it with Route Pepper.


You do this often during your run?

Problem: When running new routes or in new locations (e.g. on business trips or holidays), you have to watch your phone screen all the time if you don’t want to get lost.

Solution: Route Pepper! Plan your route, add Pep Points with turn-by-turn instructions along the route. Hear your instructions during your run in the right spots, and keep your phone in your pocket.

Currently you can easily plan a route for you in advance, and sync it to your tracker app. During your run, you can easily check from your phone, if you are on the route or how long ago you were supposed to take the planned turn. You can do this any time. And you will do this very often. And thats a bummer!

What is Route Pepper?

Run a completely new route and keep your phone in your pocket for the whole run. Route Pepper guides you through the planned route with instructions provided by YOU!

Just plan your route, mark it with Pep Points, and attach instructions or pep talk of your choice to the Pep Points. Before your run, launch the Route Pepper app, choose your planned route, then start your run. When you reach any of the Pep Points, you will hear your message through your headphones.

So simple, so beautiful!

See how it works

Plan your route on desktop browser, open the Route Pepper app, choose your route and run.

Run as you’ve used to run, use the tracker app as you would normally use it, listen music or podcasts or whatever.

Run stress free, keep the phone in its place, in your pocket. Route Pepper knows where you are and what is happening next.

Enjoy running in new locations

Plan the perfect route of a perfect length for you. World is full of routes but few of them starts from your door or has the exact length you want.

The best navigator in the world

No robot is better than you! Your route, your instructions, your run. Place instructions of your choice along the route. Let it be turn-by-turn instructions, pep talks, or attractions. Hear things you want to hear during your run.

Suitable for all sports

Running, cycling, skiing, sailing, you name it! Don’t rely on known paths or roads; Route Pepper works in a desert or offshore too! And you don’t need a mobile data plan either, plan your route, sync your phone, go out running. Or sailing.

Not another tracker app

You can keep your existing excellent tracker app, we are not trying to replace that! Route Pepper just adds the feature every single one of them is missing.

“But that’s not all!”

We’ve just scratched the surface. Read our Support pages to read everything about about current features and on-going development. Something we can promise already thou:

Straight feedback from our lovely beta testers…

The current situation is horrible! I can plan a route with my current tracker app, and then I can easily follow it in the app, BUT I have to dig out my phone from the pocket and enter security codes and everything like every two minutes to see if I’m on track or not or did I just miss a turn or where was I again. This is VERY ANNOYING and it eats my battery, cause the screen is lit on quite often. So I decided to help myself and all the other victims of this horrible situation by building this app.

Mikko Töykkälä, The author

Amazing that something this simple never existed before.

Runner at SLUSH17

I need this ASAP!

Anonymous, At some running forum

We are looking for BETA testers!

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