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You are only three steps away from your first run with Route Pepper

1. Sign up for Route Pepper

Create an account to use Route Pepper. Use your account credentials to log in to the Route Planner and the Route Pepper app.

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2. Download Route Pepper for iPhone

Download Route Pepper for free from the App Store.


3. Log in and create your first route

You plot your route in the app or with a desktop browser at Planner works best with desktop browser, but works with mobile browser too. However a big screen and a mouse with keyboard are your best friends here.

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4. Open the Route Pepper app on your iPhone

Log in, choose the route you created, tap PLAY, plug in those earbuds and go out and run! Do everything else as normal, use the Tracker app as you always do, listen to audio of your choice. Route Pepper works there with you among others.


Your feedback is valuable to us

We really want your feedback, so let’s be in touch. Both ways. To get all the info about new features released and soon coming, please make sure you follow the feeds below:

About the purchases

The free version of Route Pepper allows you to run your routes but the amount of spoken Pep Points is limited to 10 per route. You can create your routes without any limitations, but while running, you’ll hear only ten of them. Unless..

Unless you buy a Premium subscription or some of the Day passes. Subscription is simple, buy either an annual subscription or billed per 3 months subscription, and you’ll get all the lovely features just stress-free all the time! Day passes are meant for occasional use. They work best, if you tend to use Route Pepper every now and then, on holiday trips etc. But you’ll get soon hooked into running new routes, so the annual subscription has the best value!

You can find the current prices and purchase Day passes and Subscriptions in the app.