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Register for Route Pepper BETA

You are only three steps away from your first run with Route Pepper

1. Sign up for Route Pepper

Create an account to use Route Pepper. Use your account credentials to log in to the Route Planner and the Route Pepper app.

By registering you agree to our Terms of use and Privacy policy

2. Install Apple’s Testflight app

Wait for an invitation sent to your registered email. It might take a day or two, since it requires some manual work from us. Meanwhile you can already download the Testflight app from the App Store.


3. Log in and create your first route

Planner is at Planner works best with desktop browser or iPad. Watch the quick tutorial video below.

Create now

4. Open the Route Pepper app on your iPhone

Log in, choose the route you created, tap PLAY, plug in those earbuds and go out and run! Do everything else as normal, use the Tracker app as you always do, listen to audio of your choice. Route Pepper works there with you among others.


Your feedback is valuable to us

We really want your feedback, so let’s be in touch. Both ways. We are constantly building new features to Route Pepper and we want to use them and tell us how you like them. To get all the info about new features released and soon coming, please make sure you follow the feeds below:

Install app updates and read the release notes


Join our secret Facebook Group for testers


Follow our social media channels

Tell your friends and share routes


All BETAs eventually come to an end

We will release Route Pepper soon on the App Store. We will include the improvements and features based on your feedback: what the testers like or not, what do they want the most; these things get fixed and built first.

At some point of the testing period you will be requested to fill in a small survey or two. We really hope that you would had the time and effort to complete it, when the time is. Your feedback is very valuable to us and we will credit your efforts for sure.

Little effort from you means a lot of effort for us, and we just love it and want to do the right things.

Thank you so much for reading this far! Have fun with Route Pepper and let’s be in touch!