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Register for BETA

Fill in the magic form to register.

  1. Your email address will be your username to the Planner
  2. Language setting is the default spoken language / accent of the phone’s speech synthesizer. Choose the language you will write your instructions to yourself by default.
  3. Choose the operating system of your phone. We need to know if you are a iOS user to send the BETA invitation to you.
  4. Choose the metric or imperial system. At this point only metres are supported by the service, but that will change shortly.
  5. After a successful submission, you will receive a confirmation email.

If you are a iOS user, we would kindly ask for a little patience, since the invitation to Apple’s Testflight system involves manual work. While waiting, you can download the TestFlight app already from the App Store here.

Android users can download the Route Pepper BETA app directly from Google Play (BETA) Store here.

Where to go from here?

Read the Quick Start Guide and browse our FAQ.

The magic form

Basic info

Spoken language

Phone OS & metres / feet

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