Release notes 2018-01-13T22:32:27+00:00

Route Pepper release notes for iOS app

0.6.38 (Jan-4-18) 2018-01-13T22:30:00+00:00
  • Route drawing inside the app disabled. The feature will make a glorious comeback immediately, when we get the mobile version of the route drawing solid. The in-app route drawing is actually a web view with automated login.
0.6.37 (Jan-3-18) 2018-01-13T22:18:29+00:00

Fixed the bug with GPS permissions and iOS10.

0.6.36 (DEC-30-17) 2018-01-13T22:16:53+00:00

Note the new planner URL:

– Fixed a bug where the trail was not drawn when running
– New screens for asking permissions for GPS and notifications
– Added a button in the main view (Route list) to start route drawing from the app!
– Little fixes here and there