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Route Pepper release notes

0.6.42 (March-18-2018)2018-03-18T12:23:34+00:00

iOS app with missed turn notification and Planner with follow roads / point-to-point.

Follow Roads OFF

Planner has a some improvements on the tech side (and some glitches on the visual side:). You can now plot your route without forcing the path to go via roads. When you click the “Follow Roads” off to “Point-to-point”, the plotter just draws a straight line between two points. This is handy, when the routing machine works weirdly with inconsistent map data or you just want to run through a forest or other area. You will find it very useful!

Import GPX

You can also import rout path from a GPX file, exported from another route service (without any voice guidance) or based on some earlier workout, exported as GPX. Path imported from a GPX file cannot be edited. Also after importing, sometimes the imported route is not showing, but just switch between PATH / PEPS mode, and it will appear.

iOS app with missed turn notification

Route Pepper’s latest iOS app version (BETA) has little improvements but also one new handy feature, called Missed turn notification. Simply put: You will hear a feedback, if you miss a planned turn or some other way wonder away from the planned route. Process goes like this:

Plan a route normally. Then add Pep Points normally on the route. Pep Points now snap on to the route. The snap on to corners or just along the route. If you take the pep point further away from the route, then it wont snap anymore, but it is an “orphan” Pep Point without a route connection. Orphan Pep Points are just fine, but they wont have this features.

A Pep Point, which is on the route, now knows, where you should be going, when you’ve passed the Pep Point. And when you pass a Pep Point, Route Pepper app checks, if you are going to the direction you should be or not. And naturally you are informed about the result. If everything goes as planned and you continue to thr direction where you should after passing a Pep Point, you will hear a short “ding ding”. If you travel into a direction, where you should not, the speech synth will inform you about this and you’ll also hear the missed Pep Point’s message again.

You can adjust features functions from the app’s settings. You can switch the missed turn notification completely off. Then you can adjust the tolerance of the direction, where you should be heading. The smaller the deg, the accurate the direction of corse, but also less grace on the judgements of right/wrong. GPS has its flaws still, so it would need some grace. Using the default 60 degrees is most likely fine for “clear turns” but if your turn is just “slightly right”, you would get a success result, eventhou you’d make a mistake and continue going straight. You can also adjust the distance, of how far you have to go from the Pep Point, when the checking is done. The further you go, the better the quality of the result, but then you’d go further until you’d hear the notification that you missed your turn. But be brave and test this with smaller distance than the default 50 metres.

NOTE: Checking is done for every Pep Point which are on the route (snapped on route). Even if there is not a turn. Making it perfect for “continue straight” Pep Points too.


0.6.38 (Jan-4-18)2018-01-13T22:30:00+00:00
  • Route drawing inside the app disabled. The feature will make a glorious comeback immediately, when we get the mobile version of the route drawing solid. The in-app route drawing is actually a web view with automated login.
0.6.37 (Jan-3-18)2018-01-13T22:18:29+00:00

Fixed the bug with GPS permissions and iOS10.

0.6.36 (DEC-30-17)2018-01-13T22:16:53+00:00

Note the new planner URL:

– Fixed a bug where the trail was not drawn when running
– New screens for asking permissions for GPS and notifications
– Added a button in the main view (Route list) to start route drawing from the app!
– Little fixes here and there