Exciting news!

We just released a new version of our Planner and the iPhone app. We are happy to announce three new features:

1. Follow Roads / Point-to-point when plotting a path
2. Import the path from a GPX file
3. Route Pepper app gives you feedback, if you’re straying out from your plotted path.

Detailed descriptions:

1) We’re working hard to make our route planner (https://betaplanner.routepepper.com) as easy as possible to use. Naturally the route is automatically plotted via roads from some point to another, AND FINALLY you can bypass this automation, and just and just draw straight lines between points. And then switch back to automated routing. Wohoo!

2) The other new feature is the glorious comeback of the GPX import. You can import your earlier workouts as paths and then add your Pep Points on the route. There are some work to do with the visuals and other little glitches, but hey, this is BETA (switch between PATH/PEPS if your imported path is not shown.

3) The latest version of Route Pepper iOS app now gives you voice feedback, if you miss a turn or make some other monkey moves which you shouldn’t. In a nutshell: after hearing your message and leaving the Pep Point behind, the app checks, if you are going on to right direction or not. If you are, you’ll hear a little “dingding” and just keep going. In case you did not follow or or understood the instructions (made for yourself by yourself ūü§Ē), you’re being politely questioned by the speech synth, if you missed a turn, and the current Pep Point’s message is spoken again. You can leave it this way and continue your impulsive voyage, or you can turn back and follow the plotted path. (OK, you can check the Route Pepper’s route view first, if you’re unsure

You can adjust the sensitivity (bearing degrees) and distance (how far it will let you go from the Pep Point before telling you if it went OK or not) from the app’s settings. Default values are pretty failsafe, but you can be brave and squeeze them a little from default values and then report me how it went

That’s all. Download our latest update via Testflight now, if haven’t yet.

Register as a BETA tester, if you haven’t yet, and I’ll send you a Testflight invitation rightaway: https://www.routepepper.com/beta/

More detailed release notes can be found here: https://www.routepepper.com/release-notes/


PS. We’re still in BETA, but releasing the app (for iPhone) in April, and announcing some race event co-operation soon too! As well as all the lovely and fun features we’ve been developing! Busy times ahead, so stay tuned and follow us on our Facebook Page and in Twitter. Share this post, if you read it this far!

PPS. how about those graphics?